Examination Evaluating Category 1 Specified Technical Skills for Manufacturing Sectors
Examination Evaluating Category 1 Specified Technical Skills
for Manufacturing Sectors

Procedure for issuing Certificate

Please apply for the procedure for issuing certificate from this email.
This procedure is only for those who have passed the exam.

  • If the above email does not open automatically, please send an email to the address below, copying the "1. Items to be filled in" below on your email, filling the items and attaching the two files.

Flow of sending an email

Please copy and complete each item below on the body of the e-mail and attach a file of your ID and a file of your photo.

Please complete all of the following 1. and 2.

Please note that if any item is omitted or incorrect, we are not be able to issue a certificate.

1.Items to be filled in

Please fill items (1) through (11) below.

  1. Applicant Name
    ex.) John Smith:
  2. Applicant furigana
    ex.) ジョン スミス:
  3. Tel:
  4. E-mail address:
  5. Examinee's No./ID:
  6. Examinee name(Given Name / Middle Name / Surname)
    ex.) John Smith:
    • It will be listed on the pass certificate. Please enter the English notation of your passport.
  7. Date of birth of examinee
    ex.) 1990/1/1:
  8. Confirm E-mail address:
  9. Examination venue:
  10. Examination Category:
    • Please enter the "Test Category" as indicated on the examination voucher.
    • You can apply for one certificate issuance by submitting one application form.
    • If you apply for more than one certificate issuance, please enter the application form separately.
  11. Counrty of Citizenship:
  12. Gender(Male/Female/Others):
2.Files to be attached to the email

Please attach the following two items (1) and (2).

  1. Documents to prove the identity
    • Valid certificates depend on your examination venue.
      Japan: residence card
      Indonesia: passport, KTP (KARTU TANDA PENDUDUK)
      Thailand: passport, Thai national ID card
      Philippines: passport, national identification card, UMID, driver’s license
      Nepal: passport, citizenship certificate
    • Please upload JPG, GIF, PNG files within 5MB.
  2. Face photo
    • Please upload JPG, GIF, PNG files within 5MB.

Conditions for face photo data.

  • Must be a photo taken within 6 months
  • Be a color photograph
  • Data format must be JPG or PNG
  • The size of the photo should be 200 x 230 pixels (recommended size).
  • The photo is clear and the background is plain.
  • Do not wear hats or sunglasses (even if you have religious reasons, do not cover your face).
  • The front-facing face, entire head, and upper shoulders should fit in the center of the image.
  • The upper part of the head and the lower part of the head including hair should be within the aspect ratio of 50-69% of the image.

Make an inquiryPlease feel free to inquire about examinations.